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" The Death Of FIAT project has been initiated to shed light on and critically examine the pressing issues of our global financial system.

In an era where the leading currency, the Dollar, is steadily losing value and creeping inflation is becoming increasingly noticeable in our society, it's imperative that we recognize the reality of the current financial system. It's becoming progressively challenging to cope with our FIAT money while the costs of daily living continue to rise unabatedly "


Contract Adresse $DOF

"Why should I consider investing in the $DOF + $DKC Coin?"


Contract Adresse $DKC

The $DOF + $DKC Coins are expected to be introduced to the cryptocurrency market in May 2024. They are designed as Solana Meme Coins and aim to provide owners with the opportunity to scale their capital and enrich themselves fairly through the dynamics of the community and planned pump events. The Death of FIAT Cult invites individuals to unite against inflation and the dominance of FIAT currencies. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to live in a world where prosperity and an adequate quality of life are accessible to all. By becoming members of the $DOF Cult, individuals embark on a collective journey to form a movement dedicated to promoting a fairer and more sustainable future.

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  • The Community and Investors segment represents 80% of the coin allocation, totaling 800 million coins. These coins will be distributed directly to the community and investors during the Fair Launch Presale, forming the liquidity pool. The presale aims for an approximate market capitalization of $60,000. Any excess coins after the presale will be burned. Upon successful completion of the presale, the coin will be listed on a larger DEX exchange.
  • The Ecosystem portion, comprising 10% of the coin supply (100 million coins), is designated for project development, marketing, partnerships, airdrops, and ecosystem initiatives, distributed as needed in alignment with project goals.

1 Billion Coins

  • The Coin Burn segment, representing 10% of the coins, is reserved for token burning. This process involves regularly reducing the total token supply to instigate a deflationary effect.

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